diecut box standard brown box printed shoe box fragrance box liner multi product box


My main box supplier has let me down. I need a quick turnaround. Can you help?

We already offer this service for many customers who normally buy very large quantities from the bigger companies within our industry.

I've never bought boxes before. Will Rushden Box Company be interested in supplying a new venture?

We can recall starting out with the same concerns that you are having. It is our philosophy to offer advice and support because we all have to start somewhere. Many of our customers are first time buyers placing small orders. We try to make it as easy as possible for you and help you to decide what you want.

Why should I contact Rushden Box Company?

Whether you buy boxes once a year or every day, we would like the opportunity to discuss your enquiries and hopefully progress with you to place an order, we would like to guarantee you professional and reliable service. With customer service we hope you do not find anywhere else in the industry.

I need an urgent quote. Can Rushden Box Company help?

Standard styles using stock grades can be quoted immediately by phone, email or fax. Die-cuts, more complex packs including fitments and special board grades may take a little longer. It's absolutely no trouble for us to also quote several quantities at the same time.

Who will I be dealing with?

Our sales team is small and integrated thereby we can provide you with a consistent point of contact with commercial authority. If your previous contact with us is unavailable someone else can easily take over your enquiry. Repeat orders can be placed easily. We have the box specifications of all customers on file.

Ok, so you promise fast service - but what happens when things get really busy?

Since starting in business 1991 "small quantities fast" has always been a part of our business. We aim to provide a top class, responsive service all the time but it's when our customers are snowed under that we believe we come into our own. To ensure consistently dependable service to all our customers the maximum batch quantity manufactured may occasionally be restricted.

Do I have to buy 1000s of boxes?

No. We are able to deal with small quantities.

Can Rushden Box Company supply large quantities?

We most certainly can. Our average weekly order mix normally includes many order quantities of several thousand, particularly for die-cut styles. Larger quantities may take longer to produce and we often supply in batches so you are never short of your box.

How many boxes should I buy?

Improve cash-flow, reduce stock and save space. Buy only what you need now. We can advise you of any options available to you.

Can Rushden Box Company make big boxes?

Yes. This is another of our specialties. For both standard and die-cut styles we have some of the largest machines available to convert our large-size stock sheet into your boxes. We can also manufacture you pallet boxes easily. So do not be afraid to ask.

I have an idea and I cannot tell you what size of box I will need until I've finished my product. How can I be sure I can dispatch on time?

You can depend on Rushden Box Company fast quotations and delivery service all the time, whatever the circumstances.

Can my boxes be printed?

Yes. Don't miss the opportunity and waste the space on your box. Get noticed & promote your company and product. Let us overprint your boxes (average size only).

Remember Rushden Box Company can promote your brand whilst protecting your product.

Can Rushden Box Company help me choose the best design type for my box?

Certainly we can. We have 30 years plus experience with technical staff and design facilities to provide you with exactly what your remit asks.

Can I have a sample made to size first?

Yes. We produce plain, machine samples.